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Our mission is to unlock the potential of every boy

Our passion at Medbury is to unlock the potential of every boy.  It is why we exist – to understand each boy’s opportunities and challenges, then personalise an education that brings out the very best he can be - ready for the next stage of his education and life with strong values to support him through the journey ahead.

Medbury aims to be recognised by parents and educators as one of Australasia’s leading preparatory schools for boys. This is a result of realising every boy’s potential through our personalised learning programmes, our world class delivery of the curriculum and our traditional Christian values.

A Medbury education is to be cherished, as our boys have had one of the best educations available in Australasia, if not the world.  Boys leave Medbury with an education equipping them for life in the 21st Century.  Friendships, values and a quiet self-confidence that comes with sound preparation will provide an invaluable foundation for their journey ahead.  More information on how we deliver this can be found through the links below.

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