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At Medbury School we often receive communication from parents and friends of the school community, and would like to share a few recent ones of these with you.

Broading my son's horizons

We attended the Year 8 Production last night and had a wonderful time. Please pass on our thanks for the many hours of extra work all your team have put in to make this event happen. It was wonderful to see all the Year 8 boys involved and so many of them having such large roles. It truly felt encompassing.

When we moved Harry to Medbury it was more from an academic perspective. We didn’t really give much thought to the 'other' areas in which his horizons would be broadened. We are so thrilled at how well rounded he has become, with more focus on the cultural offers through his Speech and Drama lessons, Drama and Music, alongside the many new sports he has had a chance to dip his toes into. It has made such an impact, with so much more than just academic success.

Thanks to all your team! LG

A real positive attitude

We are so pleased with the way in which our son has approached the change of schools, with a really positive attitude. He is so proud to put on his Medbury uniform every morning, eager to get to school. He hops in the car after school with a huge smile on his face and tells me he's had a great day. He is so engaged in his learning, something he hasn't felt since Year 4. My only concern is that he's going to run out of energy! BD

Making the most of every opportunity

Jacob has made the most of every opportunity available to him at Medbury, of which there are many. The excellent teachers have inspired him to set himself goals and achieve. He has loved his time at Medbury, as we have enjoyed watching him grow into a delightful young man, who has truly taken the Medbury values on board. Jacob would not be as well prepared for what lies ahead had he not had three wonderful years at Medbury, where he boarded in the wonderful boarding house, making it his home away from home.

Prepared for his future years

Ben has had a wonderful year at Medbury, enjoying an engaging and welcoming environment after moving from out of town this year. He leaves Medbury well prepared for his future years. ED

NZ’s Most Inspiring Teacher

Our son has embraced all facets of Medbury and all it has to offer. Boarding has taught him tolerance and the value of home. He has been totally engaged by "NZ’s 2013 Most Inspiring Primary School Teacher", a title which could have easily been shared by another Medbury Year 8 teacher, such is their calibre. As parents we have seen him grow in maturity and confidence and have enjoyed the way Medbury has included all families in their son’s journey. Thank you for the role you played in this chapter of his life. JC

Friendships are made and cemented for a lifetime

Being the parents of two sons boarding at Medbury we have been more than pleased with the fantastic education our boys are receiving. Medbury has inspirational teachers, great facilities, and the exceptional values they teach at Medbury set our boys up for life. Having sons in the Boarding House has enabled us to create closer relationships with the staff, as we entrust this wonderful group of dedicated people to create a ‘home away from home’ environment for the boys, ensuring that they are happy and settled in their daily life whilst being away from their families. The Boarding House becomes their second home and the matrons are always there to patch up the skinned knees, sew a button on a shirt, wipe away the tears and even a cuddle when required. This is a place where friendships are made and cemented for a lifetime. A previous headmaster at Medbury said to us - " a busy boy is a happy boy" and that they truly are while at Medbury! LB

Medbury’s effective learning support programmes

Our son has been attending Medbury for three terms now. He has dyslexia, which affects all aspects of his academic life. We wanted a school that would work on his areas of difficulty, but just as importantly a school that would recognise his strengths and help him to recognise them too. At Medbury, this is happening. He is in a laptop class, has learning support and his work is tailored for him. He is encouraged to give things a go, to "Play the Game". Our son is starting to make gains academically, and just as importantly is stretching himself in other areas. He plays cricket, does Robotics and fencing. He is gaining emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. People who haven't seen him in a while say how much more confident he is; he stands tall and is proud of himself and his school. Without a shadow of doubt it has been one of the best decisions we have made for him to send him to Medbury. SW

Fabulous teaching staff

Medbury possess a fabulous teaching staff. They are caring of each boy and passionate about education. Our son has thrived in being involved in a wide range of activities and Medbury has helped him develop confidence and enthusiasm for learning. WL

Strong guidance and mentorship

We want to express our sincere gratitude to each of you for your strong guidance and mentorship given so freely to Sam in the last two years - each of you has played a significant role in developing Sam into the young man who leaves ready to move onto secondary school. Because of you and your passion for teaching he leaves Medbury with a toolbox full of strategies to navigate life’s road with, not only a strong ethical foundation but also a willingness to grab with confidence any opportunity that comes his way. Medbury seems to have a rare ability to understand each of its boys and bring to the surface the magic in each of them – Sam is just another example of this. RM

Boarding at Medbury

Medbury has been a great school for Robert. He has enjoyed the company of the other boys in the boarding house as well as learning the routines. He is well set up for Year 9 high school and boarding. Coming from a little country school and a multi-level class Robert needed to be with his peers for Year 7 & 8. Robert also took the opportunity to try different sports and really enjoyed basketball and cricket, both sports he had never played before. YT

Medbury found their strengths

The decision we took to send our sons to Medbury was without doubt the correct one. Be it academic, sporting or cultural, Medbury found their strengths. For Andrew, Medbury, provided him additional learning support that has given him the confidence and tools to achieve and be recognized. The education, experiences, and opportunities they have received and friendships made have provided the boys with a sound platform to enter secondary school and beyond. As parents, the teaching staff was always approachable, supportive of us and the boys. If we were to have one regret it would be that we did not send the boys sooner. SF

Play the Game!

While enjoying a walk in the Botanic Gardens alongside the River Avon this week, I spotted boys aged about 10 in a hired canoe. They were having holiday fun, though their lack of skill and co-ordination with their paddling meant the boat was heading more often for the bank than the intended upstream route! As they were about to hit the bank for probably not the first time I heard the younger boy mutter" Aw, I don't like this. Let's go back", to that the older boy in the front replied "Oh no, at Medbury we say 'Play the Game' and if we give up that's not playing the game!". I did not linger to see if the reluctant rower in the back of the boat persevered, but I hope so! Keep up the good work. MB

Our Son Loves Boarding at Medbury

We would very much like Charlie to continue boarding next term. We have seen so many positive changes in Charlie since he started boarding at Medbury, both socially and academically, that we feel it is the best decision to carry on. AP

Celebrating achievement

We love the way Medbury encourages and enables boys to give everything a go! Medbury celebrates being academic or musical just as much as being good at sports. Medbury teaches boys how to work hard & play hard, both important skills for life after school. CLS

Encouraging the boys to try new things

Medbury has given our son an opportunity to advance at the topics he's naturally suited to but more importantly, has exposed and encouraged him to be involved in areas that are perhaps not his forte and outside his comfort zone - all within a supported and safe environment and encouraging boys that it's ok to live the school motto - Play the Game. LP

Medbury’s challenging and stimulating environment

I can say without reservation that Medbury has lived up to our high expectations. Our boys are consistently challenged and stimulated. They're learning more than they did at their previous school and they're enjoying it more. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of our Medbury experience is the eagerness with which the boys report daily on their school activities - something that didn't happen before they started at Medbury. DJ

Moving schools to Medbury

I just wanted to let you know that Sam seems to have settled in very well. After the first couple of days where he appeared “shell shocked”, he has become happier and happier and yesterday he even said he wished he had moved from his old school to Medbury at the start of the year. He also said he realised now how distracted he had become at his old school, and how inclusive and lovely the boys at Medbury are. I have noticed a huge improvement in his engagement in a whole range of areas including focus on his studies. Thank you for this. BW

Our son's outlook on life has been enhanced

Our son's outlook on life has been enhanced by his three years at Medbury. He leaves the school a capable self manager, fully equipped for the challenges of high school. He has thrived in such a stimulating environment and has had great satisfaction of seeing real improvement in his sporting and singing endeavours. As parents we can only say for our son, that sending him to Medbury was one of the best decisions we have made in terms of schooling. Highly recommended. TG

High level of organisation

During my son's time at Medbury, we have appreciated the timely communication and overall high level of organisation across all areas of the school. CF

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