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Boys are accepted at Medbury School at any level between Year One and Year Eight at the discretion of the Headmaster. It is the belief of the Trust Board that the aims of Medbury School as set out in the Mission Statement and prospectus, are best served by a balanced school whose boarders and dayboys represent a wide range of abilities. The Trustees recognise that Medbury School’s resources have limits and although we endeavour to take pupils from a wide range of abilities, our ability to do so will or may be limited by the School’s resources available to provide for the needs of each pupil.

Visiting Medbury School and Test Drive Days

Choosing a school for your son is an important decision.  Prospective families are welcome to visit the school at any time throughout the year and see daily life at Medbury.  We also offer your son the opportunity to visit the school for a day to meet the teaching staff and experience a typical Medbury School day.  For more information or to make an appointment for a visit, please contact the office on 03 351 6169 or email by clicking here.


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