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At Medbury we firmly believe that the education of a boy is very definitely about the boy, his parents and the school.

We make every effort to establish formal and informal links with the parents and an excellent relationship has always characterised Medbury life.  Medbury is a family school where parents are welcome at any time. We are dedicated to working with you to strive for the best academic, cultural and social education for your son.

We are proud to be a private boys' school with a very clear philosophy; Boys need and appreciate clearly understood routines and structures and they like consistency.  They need to feel comfortable in their environment and part of a community.  A strong relationship with their classroom teacher is essential so that success can be celebrated and challenges overcome.  We strongly believe that the best way we can help your son is through an effective liaison between the boy, his teacher and you, his parents.  To do this well we need your help. Please familiarise yourself with this section of the website as newsletter and sports draws will be updated regularly.


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