At Medbury, there is an extensive array of trophies which are awarded each year for outstanding achievement. With the Centenary approaching, it is good to reflect and remember the origin of these cups and those who awarded them, with this year's recipients being the next stage in this important part of school history.

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Morkane Cup

Awarded to a boy who has shown great strength of character.

The trophy was donated to the School by Chris and Leonie Morkane in 1990, in gratitude for the care and concern their son Charles had experienced during his time at Medbury (1986-90). He showed great courage and determination in his work and sport, despite being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Charles Morkane was given a special award by the School in 1988 – “for displaying the strength of character to overcome adversity”.

Cowles Cup

For Good Citizenship and Contribution to the School.

The Cowles Cup was presented to Medbury by Simon and Lindy Cowles. It was first awarded in 1989. SW Cowles was a pupil in the years 1960-62, was later President of the Old Boys’ Association and a member of the Medbury Trust Board from 1989-1995. His son Richard was a pupil from 1987-89 and in the latter year RJ Cowles received the Peter Jameson Memorial.

Sean O’Brien Memorial Prize

Awarded to a boy who deserves recognition for his contribution.

This was the character of Sean O’Brien. The prize was introduced in 1994, after Sean was tragically killed in Wellington in a cycle accident. SK O’Brien attended Medbury in 1979-80, and was member of the 1st XV Rugby and the School Tennis Team.

Douglas Johnstone Memorial

Awarded to the boy who, while at Medbury, has tried his best in every school activity, and who leaves with a good record for character and determination.

Douglas Scott Johnstone was a pupil at Medbury from 1929 - 1935. In his final year he was awarded a prize for Art and played in the 1st XI and 1st XV. During World War II DS Johnstone, a Flying Officer in the RAF, flew with 138 Squadron. He was shot down and killed during a raid over Europe on 6 August 1944 and his grave was located in France in November 1947.

The Memorial was presented each year from 1963 to 1969; from 1973 -1976; and has been awarded every year since 1980.

The Medbury School Foundation Centennial Trophy

The Medbury School Foundation Centennial Trophy is awarded to the boy in the Middle School, who has best lived up to the school motto ‘Play the Game’, representing Medbury School with diplomacy and demonstrating fairness, courage and service to the School. It was first presented in 2022, together with a miniature cup for the recipient.

Peter Jameson Memorial

This award was established by Mr SW Jameson as a memorial to his third son Peter, who died in 1923 at the age of four years. The award of a Memorial Medal was the highest honour attainable by a Medbury boy. The medal was first awarded in 1924 and, according to available records, one was presented each year until sometime in the 1940s. There was later some mention in the diaries of Eric Chennells of the presentation of a cup, but this must also have been discontinued at some time. At the Prize Giving in 1981, the Headmaster announced the winner, but nothing ‘tangible’ was presented. A beautifully engraved silver cup, with no designation on it, was subsequently polished and named ‘The Peter Jameson Memorial’, and has been awarded ever since, together with a miniature cup for the recipient.

Luhr’s Cup

Awarded to the Head Scholar of the year. This cup was donated to the School for presentation at the 1968 Prize Giving. Named JA and CM Luhrs Bros. Cup. JA Luhrs attended Medbury from 1964-69, and CM Luhrs in the years 1967-70.

GB Gebbie’s Bible

Head Prefect’s Award: Gerald Bowker Gebbie was a pupil at Medbury for six years from 1926, and was Head Prefect in 1931. Early ‘Medburians’ list the Head Prefect’s Prize, but do not record what it was. In 1961, the GB Gebbie Bible was mentioned for the first time. Two of his sons were later pupils at Medbury – JH 1948-54; DG 1954-60.

‘Playing The Game’ Trophies:

Craufurd Murray Cup
- Senior School
Canon Craufurd Murray was Vicar of the Parish of Fendalton in the years 1987 to 2000, and Honorary Chaplain at Medbury from the beginning of the 1988 school year.

John Day Cup
- Middle School
Canon John Day became the Vicar at St Barnabas in 2001, and Chaplain to Medbury until the end of 2009.

Medbury School Cup - Lower Middle School
The School purchased a trophy for the Lower Middle School in 2020, so that each section of the Medbury community would have a trophy for ‘Playing the Game’.

Medbury School Cup
- Junior School
The School purchased a trophy for the Junior School in 2011, so that each section of the Medbury community would have a trophy for ‘Playing the Game’.

Excellence Awards:

Mrs WJ Leslie Challenge Cup
This trophy was listed in the 1952 Special Prizes, for “General Progress”. JG Leslie (1940-44) and JR Leslie (1954-57) appear in the School List, but the origin of the trophy is not recorded. From the year 1942 to 1951 no Medburian was published; donation of this trophy by Mrs Leslie may have occurred during that time.

Nick Aubrey Cup for Contribution to Boarding
NB Aubrey was a boarder from 1996-1998, and Head Prefect in his last year. After academic and sporting prowess at Christ’s College, he graduated with Distinction from Massey University, and is the Business Development Manager for NZ Merino.

Daniel Brader Cup for Art - Junior School

DJ Brader was in the Junior classes at Medbury from 1986-1990.

Sandra Johnson Cup for Art - Middle School
Mrs Sandra Johnson has been the Art Specialist Teacher at Medbury since 2000, after extensive experience in primary schools and with the Ministry of Education Advisory Service.

Medbury School Cup for Art - Lower Middle School
The School purchased a trophy for the Lower Middle School in 2020.

Mrs TS Dunlop Cup for Art - Senior School

This trophy was first awarded at Prize Giving in 1986, for the ‘Best Artist’ in the Senior School. Mrs Dunlop was the mother of Jeremy and Sam, pupils at Medbury in the 1980s.

Anwyn Walker Cup for Most Promising Actor
Mrs AC Walker was on the teaching staff from 1981 to 1985. During those years Anwyn directed some wonderful drama productions, and was herself in the cast of “Jesus Christ Superstar” in the 1983 Christchurch production.

Yvette Bromley Cup for Middle School Drama
Major RH Bromley and his wife and children spent their first night in Christchurch at Medbury, after their arrival from England, in 1948. Rick Bromley was a Master at Christ’s College until his retirement. Yvette Bromley was a founder, and subsequently the Patron of ‘The Court Theatre’ in Christchurch. She was a very accomplished actress in her own right, as was her daughter, Elizabeth Moody. Mrs Bromley taught Drama at the School from 1966 until she retired in 1998.

Elizabeth Moody Cup
Mrs Moody succeeded her mother as the teacher of Drama in 1999, and in 2004 introduced the annual Shakespeare Festival and Competition for the Senior boys. Elizabeth retired from the staff during 2007, because of ill-health.

Guy Young Essay Cup
This first appeared as the Mrs CL Young Challenge Cup, in 1934. Guy leF. Young was a pupil at Medbury from 1929 to 1933, was a Prefect and in the 1st XI and 1st XV. His name appeared in the 1933 Prize List. The trophy continued with the name until 1956 when it was listed as the Mrs GL Young Cup, the designation which it retained until 1965. In that year the Prize List recorded HP Edwards as the winner of the Guy Young Cup.

Murray Language Cup

This cup was first presented in 2008. Jennifer Murray was on the teaching staff from 2003 until 2010, in many roles – Associate Deputy Head for several years; class teacher; English and French specialist; Director of The Medbury Chorus; a cricket and football team manager.

Te Paraihe o te whānau Hocquard
The Hocquard whānau trophy for Te Reo Māori was first presented in 2022. Micah Hocquard is a past Deputy Headmaster, and past Director of Boarding, who joined the teaching staff at Medbury in 2009 and served at the School for 12 years before becoming the Principal at Avonhead School. He had a passion for teaching Science, coaching hockey and working with the Medbury Kapa Haka group.

Milne Family Cup for Excellence in English
Donated to Medbury by Ross and Sheila Milne in 1993, at the end of their son James’ eight years as a pupil. After graduating from Canterbury University, James Milne developed a career in the music world, where he performs very successfully as ‘Lawrence Arabia’.

Music Awards:

DL Caselli Cup for Most Helpful Chorister

DL Caselli attended Medbury 1971-75. A Senior Chorister, and a School Prefect in his last year.

JJ Clark Cup for Contribution to School Music

Jeremy Clark was at Medbury from 1976-79, and was a Senior Chorister. After study at Canterbury University and St John’s College in Auckland he was ordained an Anglican priest, and has lived and worked in parishes in SW England for some years.

FE Norman Cup for Most Improved Instrumentalist

Mrs Faye Norman was at Medbury as Director of Music 1979-89, having come from the Wairarapa, where her husband was Founding Headmaster of Rathkeale College, and Faye was in charge of Music.

Hamish Ensor Memorial Trophy for Service to Choristership

HC Ensor attended Medbury 1955-56, and was involved in the Chapel Choir. He died after a long illness, in 2008. The cup was presented by the family, and awarded at Prize Giving that year.

Premier Sports Awards:

Col. RB Neill’s Cup for Best All-Round Athlete & Sportsman

The trophy first appeared in a Prize List in the 1933 Medburian. Redmond Neill sent only the eldest of his three sons, to Medbury. Patrick was a pupil from 1926-30, and after Christ’s College followed a military career, graduating from Sandhurst Military College.

TA Gresson Cup For Sportsmanship

Terence Gresson was a founding pupil at Medbury in 1923. An outstanding sportsman, he later achieved ‘colours’ at Christ’s College for Rugby and Athletics; a Cambridge ‘blue’ for Athletics, where he studied law with outstanding success. At the time of his death in 1967 he was a Judge of the Supreme Court NZ.

AW Fowler Cup for Contribution to Medbury Sport

Alexander Fowler was a pupil at Medbury from 1999-2004. In his final year at Medbury, he was a Deputy Head Prefect, and was awarded the Craufurd Murray Cup for ’Playing the Game’.

Baker Family Cup for “Playing The Game”

This trophy was donated to Medbury and first presented in 2005, the year in which ST Baker was awarded the Morkane Cup – “For Strength of Character”.

MJS Davies Cup for Best All-Rounder – Cricket

Davies was at Medbury 1961-64. He was in the Cricket XI 1963-64 (Capt.) and the Cup was presented in 1965.

WS McKibbin Memorial for Most Improved Player – Cricket
McKibbin attended Medbury 1932-36, followed by five years at Christ’s College, where he was an accomplished athlete, and was awarded his ‘Colours’ for Cricket in 1941. There is no record of the year in which the Memorial bat was first presented, but the award was listed in the 1953 Medburian.

AFG Blakely Cup for Best All-Rounder in Colts XI – Cricket
AFG Blakely was at Medbury 1957-60 was Captain of the Cricket XI 1959-60 and 1st XI at Christ’s College. He is now a farmer and stud sheep breeder. The cup was first presented in 1961.

BD Lewis Cup for Best All-Rounder – Hockey

BD Lewis was a pupil at Medbury from 1985-93 and played 1st XI Hockey 1991-93. He won the Kerr Brothers Trophy for Hockey in 1993 and went on to play Ice Hockey for New Zealand. The Cup was presented in 1994.

A & JL Coakley Cup for Contribution to Junior Hockey
Joan Coakley was on the teaching staff 1994- 2004. She had represented University in Hockey, and introduced and coached junior hockey at Medbury. The Cup was presented in 2004.

RC Bromley Cup for Best All-Rounder – Rugby
RC Bromley attended Medbury 1954-58. He played 1st XV Rugby and 1st XI Cricket 1957-58. At Cambridge University he was awarded his ‘Blue’ for cricket. He was a former Teacher and Deputy Headmaster at Christ’s College. The Cup was presented in 1959.

CM Oakley Trophy for Most Improved Player in 1st XV – Rugby

Cedric Oakley was a pupil at Medbury from 1949-54. Presentation of the trophy ( a silver rugby ball on a wooden base) was first recorded in the 1957 Medburian.

CE Moore Trophy for Best Year 7 Player – Rugby
Cameron Moore was at Medbury 1991-92, played in the 1st XV in both years, and was rated highly as vice-captain and the team’s fullback. He was the senior Athletics Champion in 1992. The trophy was presented in 1992.

Guthrey Family Cup for Best All-Rounder in Colts XV – Rugby

The Guthrey name has been part of Medbury since 1955, when Mr AR Guthrey was a founding member of the School Trust Board. His sons were the first of eight Guthrey boys on the Medbury roll. Ronald Guthrey was at one time Mayor of Christchurch. Trophy presented in 1966.

BJ Walker Cup for Best All-Rounder in 1st XI – Football
At Medbury 1969-71, Brian Walker won the trophy which was presented in 1971.

Williams Challenge Cup for School Championship – Tennis
The Medburian records show that the trophy was presented for the first time in 1980, when it was won by SK O’Brien.

Athletics Awards

Championship Trophies:

MJ Gresson Cup
First presented 1929. Father of TA Gresson (1923-26).

Alan Osborne Cup

First presented 1999, he was the Bursar 1988-97.

Holderness Family Cup

First presented 1981. JJD (1952-54), DJR (1954-57), JDB (1980-82), HDJ (1987-90) and JRH (1994-95).

Hamilton Family Cup
First presented in 1937 by Mr & Mrs G Hamilton.

Rennie Family Cup

First presented in 2003. Mr SP Rennie, Chairman of Trust Board 2003-07. Father of NP (1997-03) and TC (2001-06).

Wheelans Family Cup

First presented in 2003. SJ (1995-2000), GP (1997-02) and JA (1997-03).