Why Choose Medbury School?

Medbury School is one of New Zealand's leading private primary schools for the education of boys from Years 1 to 8.

Medbury has a long, proud history of educational excellence. Our aim is to unlock every boy's potential through an individualised education programme, a world class curriculum and our traditional Christian values.

  • Medbury offers a warm, positive and affirming environment where every boy feels safe.
  • A Medbury education caters specifically for boys.
  • Competition is balanced, high expectations and standards are set within the bounds of clear rules and routines.
  • Medbury is a school with strong values, which underpin the whole ethos of the school.
  • The School operates specialist teaching where teachers have the opportunity to teach their dedicated subject. This allows boys to be taught with teachers with expertise and passion. As the boys journey through the school the number of specialist lessons increase, therefore ensuring that we have a broad curriculum catering for all boys' needs and giving every boy the opportunity of finding his niche.
  • Medbury provides a personalised learning programme, catering for the boys who may require learning support through to boys who need extension through our extensive gifted and talented programme.
  • Boys are taught about positive relationships and individual responsibility, alongside academic education.
  • Medbury encourages and rewards success, academically, sporting and culturally both in aptitude and attitude. This helps develop self-confidence, allow boys to become risk takers and participate in new challenges and enhance their self-esteem.
  • Medbury currently has a roll of approximately 420 boys and class sizes are limited.
  • Utilisation of information technology as an effective teaching tool, to ensure Medbury delivers a 21st Century education.

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