All fees are per year and GST inclusive.

Years 1 and 2: $20,097

Years 3 and 4: $21,708

Years 5 to 8: $24,039

Medbury School Foundation Voluntary Levy

$370.00 – Maximum of $740.00 per family

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Disbursements are charges for activities that are not covered by tuition fees. These are charged on the monthly statement/tax invoice and subject to the same payment rules as fees.

Disbursements cover items and activities such as stationery, school trips, school camps, sports costs, music, drama, other extra-curricular activities, after school care, visiting performers and other incidentals which relate directly to your son’s activities at school.

Payment of Accounts

The annual fees will be charged over a 9 month period of January to September.

Fees/disbursements are payable on receipt of the statement/tax invoice and no later than the 20th of the month following the invoice e.g. January charge payable by 20th February.

Payment of fees/disbursements by direct debit through the banking system is compulsory unless there are exceptional circumstances and the Medbury School Trust Board has approved alternative payments.

Any payments made by credit card will incur a 2.5% card loading charge, except when a whole year’s fees are paid in advance at the start of an academic year.

Overdue Accounts

The School is not in a position to provide credit and the Trust Board policy in respect of overdue accounts is as follows:

  • Fees/disbursements are considered to be overdue if the account is not paid by the due date shown on the statement.
  • Where fees/disbursements have not been paid within one month of the due date for payment, the Trust Board may request that the boy be withdrawn from the School.
  • If fees/disbursements for the previous school year have not been paid by the commencement of the next school year, the boy concerned will not be permitted to commence Term 1 of the new school year.
  • Fees/disbursements that are not paid by the due date will incur a late payment penalty fee of 5%.
  • Interest at the rate of 10% per annum may be charged on overdue accounts from the date the payment is due until the fees/disbursements are paid.
  • If a payment is dishonoured an administration fee of $100 (GST inclusive) shall apply.