Music Tuition - Years 2 to 8

At Medbury we offer an extensive music tuition programme from highly skilled tutors who are available onsite and teach from our tutor rooms in The Medbury Centre.

Your son can choose to learn the following instruments:

  • Strings - violin, viola, guitar, bass guitar and ukulele

  • Woodwind - flute/ recorder, clarinet, saxophone and bagpipes

  • Brass - trumpet, french horn and trombone

  • Piano

  • Drums

  • Voice

  • Percussion (tuned and untuned)

  • Composition

Students in Years 2 to 8 can enrol for music tuition under the 'forms' icon on the Medbury App, however, the following rules apply:

  • Students in Year 2 may have lessons with permission from the Director of Music and the Junior Team Leader. The lesson must be scheduled out of class time. Please also note that some instruments may not be suitable for this age group.

  • Students in Year 3 may have lessons but their lessons need to take place outside of class time.

  • Students in Years 4 and 5 may have one music lesson during class time, and this lesson will be on a rotating timetable. This ensures that students do not miss the same curriculum area each week.

  • Students in Years 6, 7 and 8 may have two music lessons during class time, and these lessons will also operate on a rotating timetable.

  • If students would like to learn more than two instruments they can, however, these lessons must take place outside of class time.

Lesson Timetables

Itinerant lesson timetables are published each week on the Medbury App under the ‘links’ icon. Lesson timetables are also printed and displayed around the school for students to check when their lesson is each week.

It is the responsibility of both the student and the parents to ensure that they know what time lessons are each week. Students must turn up to their lessons on time with their music books and instruments.

To cancel a lesson in the case of illness, personal circumstances, or school events, parents are required to contact the itinerant teacher directly before 8.00am on the day of the lesson, or earlier when applicable.

Unnotified absences will be charged for. The responsibility for attendance rests with the student.

Fees and Accounts

Each teacher sets the fees and this will be communicated with you when lessons commence. Tuition invoices are sent out at the beginning of each term. Payment is due within 10 days, direct to the teacher.

If a parent wishes to withdraw a student from their lesson, they may not be withdrawn until the end of the term. Please inform your son's tutor and the Director of Music if you do not wish your son to continue his lessons.


Enrolments are welcome at any time throughout the year and can be completed via the Medbury App. Once your enrolment has been received the Director of Music will be in contact with you to arrange a tutor. If a tutor is unavailable, your son will be added to a waiting list, or an alternative tutor can be arranged.


Any questions regarding itinerant lessons can be directed to the Director of Music, April Holland.