Inspired by the hugely popular ‘Breakfast with the Boys’ the Medbury Parents’ Association is excited to bring you ‘The MPA Speaker Series’. An online, webinar-based soundbite of inspiration and motivation for our boys, parents and caregivers alike, delivered by a range of passionate experts in their field.

While we don’t know with certainty whether ‘Breakfast with the Boys’ will be possible this year we do know it won’t be in the immediate future. With a strong awareness of the success that time spent with your boys to be inspired and motivated provides, we have embraced technology and are ready to deliver a user friendly, time efficient, fun and educational forum.

Our guest will speak for approximately 20 minutes followed by a 10 to 15 minute Q&A from the boys all facilitated by our host John Ogston. The platform allows boys to message in questions which can be upvoted by others to ensure they get answered as a priority.

We are also aware that as this is the inaugural event there may be opportunities for improvement. We will therefore enable your feedback afterwards.

Thank you for supporting our initiatives. We hope you enjoy this one.

Hayley Middleton and the entire MPA committee.

Register here:

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