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Over the past weekend, three representatives from our Medbury Cycling Team competed in the 2023 Skoda Southern Tour. This event was held in Blenheim.

Raphe Dacre (Year 7), Harrison Tapper (Year 8) and George Clark (Year 8), all put in outstanding performances and achieved admirable results.

Congratulations to our three students and to their parents who put in a massive effort to make it all happen.

Here is a summary from the Cycling New Zealand Southern Tour result page.
U13 ITT - Raphe 3rd
U14 ITT - Harrison 2nd, George 3rd
U13 Road Race - Raphe 5th
U14 Road Race - Wilbur 1st, George 2nd, Harrison 3rd
U13 Criterium - Raphe 3rd
U14 Criterium - George 2nd, Harrison 3rd
U13 Hill Climb - Raphe 2nd
U14 Hill Climb - Harrison 2nd, George 3rd

More information about these results can be read here;