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Congratulations to Clare Erasmus, Year 3 Teacher at Medbury, who has been selected as a recipient of a 2023 ISNZ Honours Award for service to Teaching and Learning.

The award was presented by Hon Jan Tinetti, the Minister of Education in Auckland today.

The Awards were established by ISNZ to honour exceptional staff who demonstrate talent, service and commitment that is truly above and beyond.

Read the words below from the ISNZ Awards Ceremony:

Clare Erasmus, Medbury School. Service to Teaching and Learning.

Clare Erasmus is an exceptional educator who embodies the essence of service to teaching and learning. Throughout her career, she has displayed dedication, passion, and expertise, and touched the lives of countless students.

Clare's commitment to her students goes beyond traditional measures of success; her impact is deeply rooted in the realm of self-esteem and self-confidence. In her class, students with diverse learning needs, find a haven where they can express themselves freely and embrace their unique capabilities. Under Clare's guidance, these students not only flourish academically but also develop an unwavering belief in their own ideas and writing.

Her teaching is characterised by an exceptional level of personalisation. She takes the time to know each student on a profound level, identifying their unique learning needs and designing individualised academic programmes that cater to their growth.

Clare actively contributes to the broader educational community. Her involvement in curriculum changes and planning activities has benefited colleagues across the sector, and her academic publishing has advanced knowledge and understanding of the field. Clare's commitment to continuous learning is evident in her pursuit of a Doctorate.

Clare utilises her talents to foster a sense of community and hope during challenging times. She exemplifies the power of education to bring people together and ignite positive change.

Her dedication, expertise, and genuine care for her students make her an outstanding teacher and an inspiring role model for all educators.

Ngā mihi Congratulations Clare

Read more about the Awards here.

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