Baxter and Morgan

First Place in 'Helper Bot', an online Robocup Competition.

Towards the end of Term 3, Morgan Du and Baxter Douglas entered the 'Helper Bot' online Robocup competition.

Their challenge was to envision the scenario of applying for the highly sought-after developer position at the renowned Helper Bot company, known for producing robots designed to assist people in various ways.

Great news! Morgan and Baxter clinched the first-place position with their ingenious submission, a self-maintaining budgie cage. They addressed the challenges of going on holiday while ensuring a pet budgie is fed and watered, and incorporating a self-cleaning cage feature and temperature regulation for their feathered friend. Remarkably, they not only conceptualised this idea but also brought it to life with a prototype featuring 3D-printed parts. The culmination of their efforts resulted in a final working design.

Their initiative and hard work will see a Lego Spike Prime kit being delivered to school next week. It was a pleasure to support you.

Mrs Robertson.