Second place in the Seaweek Poetry Competition!

Seaweek 2023 celebrates our connection with the sea | Toi Moana ~ Toi Tangata. Our lives are often intertwined with the health and well-being of our ocean environments.

We need healthy and sustainable seas to sustain the people forever. To that end it also calls to all of us to take some responsibility for the health and well-being of our coastal and marine environments; we all need to be kaitiaki or guardians of Tangaroa’s realm.

This year 3E created a poem that reflected the Seaweek theme and received second place in the Primary Year division with their class collective poem. Well done to all the students in 3E.

Here is their prize-winning poem:

Moana - Our Ocean

By Year 3E

Fishing in the ocean with Dad is fun!

Splashing in the waves, basking in the sun.

Surfing at the beach, exploring dark caves.

Swerving in between the turquoise waves.

Zooming on a jet ski, oh so fast!

Boogie boarding, splashing and having a blast.

Exploring rock pools hunting for crabs and fish,

Served with chips, fish is delish!

But Oh DEAR! People are throwing rubbish in the sea.

And so it is up to you and me.

Sea animals are getting hurt and sick.

There’s a lot of rubbish that we need to pick up quick!

Coral has been taken, sea animals are losing their homes.

Too much rubbish means creatures can't roam.

And here is what I also wish…

Please don’t overfish.

It’s up to you and it’s up to me,

To stop the rubbish going into the sea.

Now be a tidy kiwi, pick up litter,

To keep the sea clean so it can glitter!

After a fun day at the beach,

Let’s practise what we preach.

Oh Moana, our precious treasure

Stay blue and clean forever and ever!

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