In Year 8, Medbury operates a Leadership Programme to further prepare boys for the next stage in their lives. Leaders from the community visit to talk to the boys during the year and each Year 8 boy at some time holds a position of leadership in the School. This is an important addition to the boys' development and self esteem.

Head BoyRyan Collins
Deputy Head Boy

Niall Nesbitt

Deputy Head Boy

Freddy Rolleston

Head of Clyde HouseHanson Xu
Deputy Head of Clyde HouseEdy Johnson
Head of Creyke HouseTheo Lutton
Deputy Head of Creyke HouseGeorge Hutton
Head of Hamilton HouseRaphe Dacre
Deputy Head of Hamilton HouseJoseph Soon
Head of Ilam HouseAlexander Sutton
Deputy Head of Ilam HouseMonty Robinson
Head of SportGeorge Luisetti
Head ChoristerEli Coles
Deputy Head ChoristerBilly Sheild
Head of MusicGeorge Evans
Head of OrchestraRichie Tu
Head of DramaAustin Douglass
Deputy Head of DramaGuy Hardy
Head of ArtJoseph Chen
Head of TechnologyEddie Gorman
Head of ScienceBen Nell
Head of EnvironmentJary Duan Mu
Head of ICTBaxter Douglas
Head LibrarianRhys Fleming
Head of Peer MediationBilly Ritchie
Head of ChessMark Park
Head of Road PatrolSebastian Guy
Co-Head of Kapa HakaLiam Dodds
Co-Head of Kapa HakaDanny Cleave
Head of Community ServiceVivaan Puri
Head of TennisTom Dawson
Head of CricketGeorge Kane
Head of RugbyBryce Hooper
Head of HockeyAshton Cody
Head of FootballMarcus Fogarty
Head of BasketballArcher Appleman
Head of Water PoloSam Maxwell
Head of PoloCasey Reynolds
Head of CyclingFreddy Gorman