In Year 8, Medbury operates a Leadership Programme to further prepare boys for the next stage in their lives. Leaders from the community visit to talk to the boys during the year and each Year 8 boy at some time holds a position of leadership in the School. This is an important addition to the boys' development and self esteem.

School Leaders for 2019

Head BoyNicholas Sharr
Deputy Head BoysJosh Durant
Frankie Meates
Head BoarderAlexander De Luca
Head of SportAustin Smith
Head of CricketFelix Huston
Head of TennisArchie Whithear
Head of RugbySam Pickens
Head of FootballJake Hayes
Head of HockeyBen Harford
Head of Water PoloMatty Hickman
Head of BasketballCarter Stewart
Head of PoloElliot Lee
Head of Hamilton HouseAngus Eglinton
Deputy Head of Hamilton HouseOscar Ren
Head of Creyke HouseCallum Fox
Deputy Head of Creyke HousePaddy Cochran
Head of Clyde HouseOscar Compton-Moen
Deputy Head of Clyde HouseMiles Clayton
Head of Ilam HouseHugo Ranken
Deputy Head of Ilam HouseCaleb Benton
Head of MusicTed Pitts
Head ChoristerHarry Vaughan
Deputy Head ChoristerJin Kim
Head of ArtTom Hansen
Head of ChessWilliam Tavendale
Head of DramaHugo Sudell
Head of EnvironmentTadhg McKenna
Head of Kapa HakaTom Rawstron
Deputy Head of Kapa HakaMax Topham
Head LibrarianAlan Chong
Head of Peer MediationJack Satterthwaite
Head of Road PatrolJack Boon
Head of ScienceHarrison Lehmann
Head of TechnologyGeorge Grace
Head of I.C.T.Louie Nelson
Head of Community ServiceFelix Bowden